Microsoft Outlook, crear correo con un asunto 'por defecto'

You can create a toolbar button for a new blank email form and include a default subject, which can be changed, but if you forget then you still have the subject line filled in.

From the View Menu, Toolbars, Customize, the Commands TAB, drag NewMail message to the toolbar, with the Customize window still open, right click the new email toolbar button and select Assign Hyperlink at the bottom, choose email and then you will see a place to enter the subject. You do have to put some text in the email field but it can also be default to be replaced, but if you the same email frequently you might want to create a few buttons for each one with the e-mail already filled in.

(Vía AllExperts)

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This is useful information for me!Thanks!

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Excelente tutorial.
Ahora ya podre crear u correo electronico con el mensje por defecto, lo que cual parece realmente senscional.

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Gracias por el articulo me sirvio bastante para poder crear un email con el mensaje por defecto.